Guess This Best Kept Secret of YL Training?

Author:  Pam Moore

“This has been one of the best and most useful trainings during my entire tenure in Young Life!”   -YL Senior Staff after a Training Timeline Class  


We're going to clue you in on one of the lesser known secrets around Young Life.  Training Timeline courses are designed for Senior Staff and emphasize specific training for both the ‘Age and Stage’ of the staff-person. Simply, “The training you need at exactly the right time!”  Staying sharp in your role with a changing culture is a challenge. That is why we are always learning and growing in both our faith and ministry skills. That’s why Training Timeline programs are so vital.  Below, you will see that next year’s classes are tied strategically to the YL Forward pillars of Innovation, Together, Deeper and Grow.

If you’ve completed your initial (Core 1) staff training, these classes should be on your radar!  Our current list of Instructors are a who’s who of theologians, experts and senior staff around the YL mission like David Livermore, Brad Systma, Pam Moore, Crystal Kirgiss, Newt Crenshaw, Donna Hatasaki, Terry McGonigal, Ken Knipp, Brian Summerall, Sha Farley and several others.

Young Life’s commitment to training is one of the elements that sets the mission apart.  It is integral to the yearly Leadership and Spiritual Development of every staff person and it’s customizable!   TRAINING TIMELINE classes are created with you in mind! These offerings are a response to your requests for more robust teaching and training to help you fulfill your role. This year we will have several offerings:

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.04.18 PM.png
  • Kingdom of God and Cultural Intelligence I and II – taught by David Livermore

  • Discipleship: Growing Deeper – Taught by a team of veteran YL staff specializing in Discipleship principles and methods.

  • Supervision and Organizational Leadership – taught by a team of Senior mission leaders including Newt Crenshaw.

  • Theology of Incarnational Witness taught by Dr. Terry McGonigal

In addition to these classes, YL offers five Training Timeline Cohort Trainings focused on leadership and spiritual development that are by invitation only from an SVP or RD. These include:

  • Area DIrector School 2 – led divisionally with two cohort meetings/year for ADs with 5 years of experience

  • Centurion each year a mission-wide and one regional cohort meets three times and focuses on executive leadership development for ADs with 6-12 years of experience

  • Legacy Leader – this is a diverse group of leaders who meet for advanced leadership training over a two-year period.

  • Mission Mover – a divisional senior staff team selected by an SVP to do an action learning project/proposal within the division

  • Spiritual Formation Cohort (s) – this will be a new offering by Donna Hatasaki which will meet three times throughout the year to focus on personal spiritual formation

And...we are still adding more!!  Stay tuned!

Your next step:  JUST DO ONE THING!


Step 1:  NOW set up a conversation with your supervisor or the staff person you supervise about which of these would be the best fit for this coming year. Your yearly Leadership Development Review is the perfect timing. Registration will be open the first week of August for the Academic and Practical Training Timeline classes.

Here’s to being a lifelong learner and to taking your own leadership development to the next level!