Global Innovation July 2019 - ARE WE THERE YET?  

Time to plan your Summer 2020 Discipleship Adventure Camp

“Are we there yet” echoes through the forest up the mountain, across the glacier, up the inlets on a daily even hourly basis on our Beyond Malibu trips. The answer is often “no” followed by ”it’s just around the corner,” “it’s when we get out of the forest,” or “it’s not long now.” These responses are more describing the journey rather than the end.

Adventure camping experiences are a great opportunity to turn the “Are we there Yet?” question into a conversation about how the  journey we are on can translate to our journey of faith and our journey in life. 

Adventure camping experiences are in large part about the journey. On adventure experiences you do the best you can with what you’ve got, from where you are, right now. You are focused in the moment on solving the next step. Soliciting help from those around. You are embracing the moment and journey.

These are tangible experiences that serve as a great metaphor for our lives and faith. 

Young Life Beyond Malibu seeks to change lives through adventure ministry. Week-long challenging sea kayaking and mountain adventures in British Columbia, Canada are designed to challenge high school and college students, and adults of all ages to explore who they are in Jesus Christ and their relationship to God.

Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? 

We have 8 National Young Life Adventure camps that are designed to help you encourage your high school friends in their journey with Jesus Christ.  They range from camp based adventures to Pioneer experiences to hiking on islands in Lake Superior, or in the San Juan mountains of Colorado or the coastal mountains of British Columbia Canada to sea kayaking on Lake Powell and the inlets of the coast of British Columbia. There is something for everyone.

Considering going Beyond your regular camping plan? As you contemplate the journey that you are taking your Young Life friends on whether students, leader or committees and you think of Going Deeper in your area, consider including one of these adventure camps, which are focused on providing discipleship experiences for your participants, in your camping strategy. Start planning now! Consider a graduating senior trip or a student leader trip as they go into their senior year, or a milestone trip as students move from accepting to walking with Christ.

Young Life Adventure Camps:

YL Adventures Baja

Scotts Valley, CA


Yl Adventures Beyond Malibu

Seattle, WA


Yl Adventures Northbound

Lake City, MI


Yl Adventures RMR Backcountry

Fraser, CO


Yl Adventures Santa Cruz

Scotts Valley, CA


Yl Adventures Wild Ridge

Mt. Nebo, WV


Yl Adventures Wilderness Ranch

Creede, CO


YL Adventures Pioneer Plunge.

Weaverville, NC


Adventure Camp Pilot

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