A MASTER'S DEGREE IN 5 YEARS!  (Look inside) 

Q.  Would you like the letters “M.A.” behind your name?

Q. Would you like to complete a degree in less time and at less cost than you thought possible?

Q. Would you like to complete that degree while working full time with Young Life and completing your normal training requirements?


Fuller Seminary has recently approved a 12-course M.A. in Ministry Leadership degree that is only available to YOUNG LIFE STAFF. This degree program is built on the 50-year relationship of trust between Young Life and Fuller Seminary.

While you’ll travel to Young Life trainings such as New Staff Training, Area Director School, or Winter Training, there is NO TRAVEL or time out of the area for any Fuller classes, since they are all delivered online.

There is some flexibility in the order classes can be taken, but we imagine the typical approach will look something like the plan below. Please note that six of the courses are delivered by Young Life, and six are delivered as online classes through Fuller.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.45.42 AM.png

TEN of these classes fulfill Young Life training requirements. The only exceptions are the theology and Bible electives.  As a part of this partnership, Young Life will pay the upfront tuition cost for each course, and charge staff a $650 transcription fee for each of these classes for FY20; which is about half of the normal tuition cost. Your area, or PDD, account can be used to pay for the transcription fee for all of these courses. Please talk with your supervisor and/or committee chair about your options as you think through how to budget for this degree.

We have a variety of options for staff to pursue academic degrees with any of our excellent partners, and each offers significant discounts. This new degree consists of fewer classes, at a lower total cost, than any other degree available to staff.

What would this look like for me if …

… I am just coming on to Young Life staff and starting my training track?

    • Staff who will begin with Young Life this summer/fall and come to New Staff in August can register at that time.

… I started with Young Life in the last two years and took my training for credit?

    • You can easily move into this degree program. Please refer to the FAQ document on the Staff Resources page linked below.

… I have been on staff longer than two years?

    • You can still move into this program; specific requirements will vary from person to person based on what classes have been taken for credit already, but in most instances it will make sense to move into this degree. Please refer to the FAQ document on the Staff Resources page linked below.

You can find more information on the Fuller/Young Life Partnership page on Staff Resources.

Staff who have taken classes for credit from Fuller will receive further information from Fuller and Young Life.

We’ll provide informational conference calls for interested staff this spring and summer. Dates and call information are posted at the link.

Bottom line: If you’ve thought about completing a master’s, this is a FANTASTIC option. The major roadblocks of time commitment and affordability have been greatly reduced.

We encourage you to check the link and take the next step!

Written by: Ken Knipp (KKnipp@sc.younglife.org)